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Retail Premises in Moss Vale

Building Versatility - Southern Highlands - Moss Vale Commercial Project

Restoration of a heritage commercial building in the main street of Moss Vale in the Southern Highlands required a project management approach that focused on Heritage elements in the building and it’s front façade. Our experienced project management team was up to the task – incorporating engineering design, Council permits, demolition, and construction with our client’s expectations. Working on a two story façade with scaffolding over the top of a public footpath and the need for traffic management added to the complexity of the job.

The building had been subject to numerous renovations over the years, long before Heritage preservation was of value. As part of the restoration, we removed materials that were not in-keeping with the original building. Internally, remnants of multiple office fit-outs were removed and we restored the original character of the building. During the internal restoration, we worked closely with our clients to design utility installations that would be universal. Now, as tenants come and go, electrical, lighting and data are all in clever positions to facilitate various shop layouts.

In its original state, the building featured ornate cement rendered lace-work and capitals at the top of the front façade. But for some years, one of these capitals has not been in place, its fate unknown to the owners. To our surprise, our tradesmen found it lying on the roof behind the parapet front façade wall. We restored the masonry capital and returned it to its original position. The renovated front façade is now once again symmetrical. With a new refreshing paint colour scheme and canvas awning this renovated building is now a well known destination for visitors and shoppers looking for a unique purchase.

The finished renovation created a fresh new interior retail space while restoring and respecting the heritage façade.