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Our Process


In our initial meeting, let's sit down and chat - not just about construction but about your vision, objectives, and the budget that sets the stage. We encourage you to put your thoughts onto paper, creating a roadmap that helps us understand the structures you want to build, their size, materials, and finishes. Picture it all - the relationships to surrounding buildings, the sketches, and those inspirational visions you’ve been dreaming about.

As we explore your site together, we're absorbing the land’s story - the typography, access for construction, location of services, and any constraints that might need further investigation. This isn't just about meeting your requirements; it's about creating a project that resonates with your dreams, and that is where our journey truly begins. Your vision becomes our mission.

Design & approval

The pre-construction phase is where creativity and precision merge. We embark on a series of site surveys, meticulous planning, and engagement with external consultants when needed.

Our council expertise helps you navigate the intricacies of development applications as we seamlessly lead the entire process. A pre-construction contract cements our dedication to transparency and thoroughness, with regular updates keeping you informed. With the benefit of finalised construction plans, we can provide a more considered cost estimate for the construction phase.

All reports, plans and approvals resulting from this phase become yours. This phase sets the stage for a construction plan that captures your vision.


With formal planning approval in hand, we transition to the construction phase. A construction contract marks the beginning of the project, as our skilled construction team takes charge of the build. Weekly on-site meetings ensure you're not just a spectator but an integral part of the process.

Our commitment to transparency is steadfast as we navigate external factors like weather and industry constraints. Delays, if any, are communicated promptly, keeping you updated on our progress.


As construction wraps up, the moment arrives to hand over your project. Our joy lies in seeing you embrace and enjoy the space you envisioned. Built with pride, occasional post-completion touch-ups are part of our dedication to quality. Therefore, our construction contract includes a three-month post-completion maintenance period, ensuring any identified issues are swiftly addressed.

This final step embodies our promise of delivering a building and a space that stands the test of time.

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From the initial vision to the final touch, let’s embark on a renovation journey that transcends time, creating spaces that tell your unique story. Contact us today to start the conversation.